George Damiani

George Damiani

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First Name * George
Last Name * Damiani
Username * GeorgeDamiani
Country * Brazil
City Sao Paulo
Nationality Brazilian
Languages Portuguese


Current Position Render Artist
Current Company CLANvfx
Areas of Expertise LightingShadingTexturingRenderingCompositingModeling
Preferred Tools 3ds maxMayaVRayPhotoshopAfter EffectsSubstance Painter


Availability: Freelance


George Munari Damiani, 29-year-old, born in Ararangua, SC, Brazil, currently resides in Sao Paulo, SP, Brazil. Bachelor of Visual Arts from the Extremo Sul Catarinense University, 3D Artist from MELIES - Cinema, 3D and Animation School. Worked 5 years as a Graphic Designer and 2 years as teacher in MELIES School. Currently is a 3D Artist in CLANvfx which is dedicated to specialization in Light, Texture, Shading and Render.


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